Digital Conference System

Our digital conference system is a modern solution designed to facilitate effective communication and collaboration during conferences and meetings. It leverages digital technology to enhance audio, video, and data transmission, providing advanced features and functionalities to improve the overall conference experience.

Digital conference systems offer advanced functionalities and features to optimize communication, collaboration, and decision-making in conference settings. They are commonly used in boardrooms, conference halls, governmental meetings, and international conferences to ensure efficient and productive discussions among participants.

The system can be combined with discussion, video camera auto-track, voting, electing and interpretation function, etc. It's a high effective multi-functional meeting system for a meeting or conference, easy to setting-up, debugging and using without training.

The central control unit acts as the main processing hub of the digital conference system. It manages audio routing, controls microphone activation, and facilitates communication between participants. The control unit can also provide features such as agenda management, timekeeping, and participant management.

Digital conference systems often provide language interpretation capabilities. Participants can select their preferred language channel and listen to real-time translations through headphones, ensuring effective communication among multilingual attendees.

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