Wall Speaker

Wall-mount commercial speakers are normally mounted on walls or ceilings, are designed to provide high-quality sound in a wide range of acoustic environments, such as train stations, super stores, restaurants, offices and conference rooms.

These spekaers could have many advantages, include:

♦ Weather-resistant construction (waterproof wall mount speakers):
   Designed for outdoor or high-humidity environments often feature weather-resistant construction, such as sealed enclosures and corrosion-resistant materials.
♦ High-quality drivers:
   Typically use high-quality drivers that are designed to deliver clear, detailed sound across a wide frequency range.
♦ Flexible mounting options:
   Wall-mount speakers may include various mounting options, such as brackets or keyhole mounts, to allow for easy installation in a variety of locations.
♦ Adjustable sound dispersion:
   Some commercial speakers allow you to adjust the angle of the speaker to direct sound more precisely to your audience. 

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