Audio Source

PA system can accept various audio sources to provide sound reinforcement or broadcasting to a large audience or public space, like MP3 player, DVD/VCD/CD/MP4 player, bluetooth, tuner, internet radio, DAB+, program timing player, etc.

It's important to ensure that the audio sources you intend to use are compatible with the inputs of the PA system or that appropriate adapters or interface devices are available. Additionally, consider factors such as the number of input channels required, the type of connectivity needed, and any specific features or integration capabilities necessary for your specific application.

PM-2107C Multi Media Player with CD/USB/FM/Bluetooth

Combined with MP3/MP4/CD/VCD/DVD/FM/AM/Bluetooth
Stereo L/R output

PM-2812CD CD/DVD/USB Player

Built-in CD/DVD/MP3 player
LCD display
1.5U design

PM-2813RF Digital AM/FM Tuner

FM/AM tuner
LCD display
1U design

PM-9680CD 2 Channel Multi Media Player with CD/USB/FM/AM/Bluetooth/ RDS/DAB/DAB+

2 Channel All-In-One media player
Combined with CD/USB/BT/FM/AM/RDS/DAB/DAB+
LCD display, 1U design

PM-9807C CD/DVD/USB Player

Combined with CD/MP3/MP4/VCD/DVD player
VFD display

PM-9808R Digital AM/FM Tuner

Digital tuner with MPU controll
Light touch key and VFD display

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